How I Work

I specialize in coaching and mentoring executives, entrepreneurs and founders in emerging and rapidly growing companies, helping them develop the critical business and personal skills necessary to create a thriving, sustainable business.

My clients come to me feeling constrained by the current state of their company, their life and their own skill set. Often, they’re functioning primarily as task-oriented and technically brilliant founders, but need strategic business insights and/or personal leadership skills to take their business to the next level.

Frequently, my clients sense a lack of balance and integration between the drive for profit and their own personal fulfillment.

I guide my clients in becoming conscious, integrated, and authentic leaders, using practical tools that are grounded in sound business principles, drawn from wisdom traditions, backed by scientific research and proven by experience, so they can ride the wave of leadership confidently, making sound, insightful decisions that are aligned with their company’s purpose and values, as well as with their own.

About Sara

sara_faivre_400From the research lab to the board room, I have made my own transformative journey of integration of profit and purpose.

I have experienced, from both sides of the executive suite, the importance of holistic thinking and interpersonal intelligence in building a successful long-term business. I have navigated the path of long-range strategic thinking, personal balance and purposeful vision that is so necessary for sustainable business performance and personal fulfillment.

Prior to becoming a coach, I founded and was an executive in two Austin biotechs during the tumultuous boom-and-bust years. I served as a science and technology advisor to a Forbes 500 private investor. I know what it’s like to be in the trenches, nurturing a company while struggling to balance the needs of investors, partners, employees, family and your (oft-neglected) self. I have also held research and faculty positions in Molecular Genetics at several top Universities, with the USDA and with the human genome project.

Facing burnout from my biotech startup days, I started Wild Type Ranch, a grass-fed beef company. I leveraged my agricultural background, life-science training, innate marketing know-how and interpersonal skills to create a successful business that allowed me the personal balance I needed to actively parent my two young sons. It was this journey toward integration of profit and purpose that led me to become an executive coach.

I currently serve on the board of directors of 2 companies; a publicly traded Ag Mortgage GSE, Farmer Mac (NYSE:AGM) and a privately emerging tech company, One More Cloud. I am an active member of Conscious Capitalism and the National Association for Corporate Directors (NACD), where I am a Board Leadership Fellow and serve on the advisory board of the Austin Chapter of NACD.

I believe business, done well, can be an incubator for personal development and a source of great benefit to employees, shareholders/investors, suppliers, partners and the community.

It is my passion to coach executives and their teams through the evolution and integration of business success and personal fulfillment. When that integration is achieved, energy is freed up, creativity is unleashed, innovative solutions become apparent, community is created and that ever-elusive balance becomes a way of life.