Individual Executive Coaching

Get you from where you are now to where you want to be; as a leader, as a business, as a person.

- Business skills and building blocks
- Leadership competencies
- Strategic thinking
- Personal growth

Effective leadership and personal development is a process of introspection, purposeful action and honest evaluation of results.

I help you identify what’s getting in the way of what’s most important to you. In our weekly coaching sessions, you will identify your most important targets, strengthen skillful behaviors, and identify unskillful behaviors and beliefs that get in your way. This weekly (and daily) practice of conscious choice and introspection provides a fertile ground upon which your leadership will grow and flourish. As it does, personal balance and fulfillment naturally follow.

Business Team Evolution

Build a team of responsible, proactive, self-directing individuals, and watch the magic happen!

When the entire team takes part in a program of business and personal evolution together, here’s what happens:

- Dramatically improve communication within the team
- Create a strong team culture that drives accountability, integrity and results
- Build cohesiveness, trust and deep connection between team members
- Learn to build on each other’s strengths and work with each other’s styles

Team coaching is tailored to each company’s specific needs, but typically includes monthly meetings, individual team member coaching and educational workshops.

Board Member Development

The path to securing a board seat is not merely showing up at the occasional board-oriented seminar and handing out business cards.

If you want to become an engaged and effective board member, whether it is on a non-profit, private or public company board, you must be ready to invest the time and effort necessary to

- Educate yourself on board service skills
- Become the best business leader and the best person you can be
- Develop a network of people who know your executive capabilities and personal attributes first-hand
- Stay connected to the community of existing board members

I host a small mastermind group for executives who are interested in board service and/or would like to increase their board member skills.

The mastermind group meets monthly to discuss issues relevant to their executive and personal development, with a special emphasis on current or future board membership. Business and leadership development is undertaken with the long-term perspective of application to boards and other companies.

CEO Peer Groups

I lead an invitation-only group of lead decision makers in non-competing Austin area businesses through The Alternative Board (TAB). In monthly meetings, members share peer-to-peer guidance and perspective for making critical decisions and seeing their blind spots. I also meet individually with each member for 1-to-1 coaching to maximize growth.

Personal Sustainability

Do you find that the never-ending demands of your work are creating imbalance in the rest of your life?
Do you struggle with overload, diminished energy, and feeling like you’re not paying enough attention to everything that’s important?
What happens to your business and your personal life if you don’t learn to live more sustainably?

This 8-week program will help you to manage your energy, your time and your focus and restore personal balance. Through awareness exercises and targeted lifestyle and behavioral changes, you will reclaim your energy and re-engage with the important parts of your life in ways that are sustainable over the long-term

“I used to be a crazy machine. Because of this (Personal Sustainability) program, I am now working on being more strategic in both my family and my work lives. I take more time; to think things through, to mentor, to lead, to help my team. I take more time with myself and my family. I take more time for the things that are why I’m in business in the first place and the things that go into being a good leader. “

A.Moore, Co-founder, Early stage marketing company

Unlocking Inner Wisdom

Take a Wisdom Walk

Our thinking mind often blocks deeper clarity and vision. I facilitate guided walks in nature that open up inner wisdom and fresh insights about important business or personal issues and decisions. A deep debrief lets you harvest concrete insights from your experience.

For Individuals or Groups, Local or Remote