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Clearing the Way for Your Authentic Leadership

An eight-module executive leadership program to develop the personal balance
and sustainable engagement you need for your business to thrive.
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I develop tech/biotech entrepreneurs into leaders
who can guide their emerging company to extraordinary success!

Sara Faivre-DavisOver 50,000 promising new tech/biotech startups burst exuberantly into the business world every year. As many as 90% fail within 5 years, largely because their technically-brilliant executives lack the leadership capacity needed to evolve their organization from startup to sustainable.

How do you become the exception, the leader whose competence drives your startup to success?

It’s a given that you’re brilliant, creative, passionate, ambitious and at the top of your area of technical expertise. But it takes an additional skill set to create a truly thriving company especially in the fast-paced and volatile world of emerging tech/biotech firms.

Research shows that leaders of the top-performing 10% of companies possess certain competencies that set them  apart from the rest of the pack, competencies that go way beyond technical excellence to include:

  • Systems thinking
  • Interpersonal intelligence
  • Visionary brilliance and purposeful strategy
  • Personal balance
  • Courageous authenticity and personal integrity

executives-400When you take the time to develop these essential leadership competencies, you show up more fully, you’re fluent in the big picture, you make wiser decisions, and you more skillfully lead your team on behalf of your vision and mission – even while dealing with the daily thousand things demanding your immediate attention.

Discover how you can buck the trend and become the kind of leader who can lead your company into a wildly successful future.

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