Coaching and Consulting

tech-teamExecutives in emerging tech and biotech companies come to me to be expertly mentored in developing the skills necessary to become inspiring, visionary and authentic leaders who can successfully and sustainably evolve their companies beyond start-up and early-stage.

Whether you find yourself bumping up against the constraints of your prior experience and knowledge base, are struggling to balance the demands of apparently competing parts of your life, or are driven by a desire to create a company and culture that embodies your deepest values, I can help you resolve your current challenges and become your best executive self.

Drawing upon my broad base of experience in business (including founding and leading 2 biotech startups), inspired by my own personal development journey, grounded in solid business principles, fueled by scientific research and informed by the world’s wisdom traditions, I will work with you to tailor a program to suit your specific situation and needs.

Current Offerings

  • Clearing the Way for Your Authentic Leadership: An eight-week executive leadership program to develop the personal balance and sustainable engagement you need for your business to thrive.
  • Critical Competencies for Exceptional, Evolved Leadership: A six-month program for developing the five most critical leadership attributes needed for truly exceptional leadership.
  • 10X Holistic Strategy and Team Development: A customized long-term program that combines individual and team coaching with strategic advising and development for 10X value growth in five years. Provided in cooperation with the strategic development team at Denary.
  • Custom Mentoring: Targeted coaching to address specific needs, such as:
    • Connecting and communicating with the soul of your leadership so you can more clearly manifest your vision for your business and your life.
    • Values, Beliefs, Purpose and Money: Resolving both conscious and unconscious conflicts between doing well and doing good that can interfere with creating success and abundance.
    • Who Am I, Really?: Releasing false identities that short-circuit your brilliance so you can consciously step into your authentic leadership.
    • Revealing and resolving communication and relationship patterns that are blocking your effectiveness, through equine-assisted coaching (conducted at a beautiful Central Texas equine facility).

I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I can assist you in evolving yourself, your leadership and your business to the next level of extraordinary success!