Clearing the Way for Your Authentic Leadership

Developing the Personal Balance and
Sustainable Engagement You Need for Your Business to Thrive

As a leader of an emerging tech or biotech company, do you find that the never-ending demands of your work are creating imbalance in the rest of your life, which is then negatively impacting your business?

Do you struggle with overload, work/home imbalance, diminished energy, and loss of passion and purpose?

balance-womanIf so, you’re not alone!

Yet if not addressed skillfully and in a timely manner, lack of sustainability and personal imbalance can lead to burnout. Your job, your business, your career and even your personal life can be in far more jeopardy than you realize.

Clearing the Way for Your Authentic Leadership is a mentoring and educational program for learning to manage your energy and restore personal balance. Through awareness exercises and carefully selected lifestyle and behavior changes, this program supports you in reclaiming your energy and re-engaging with your work in ways that bring balance to your life, increase your productivity and are sustainable over the long-term.

Over the course of eight bi-weekly sessions, you will identify aspects of your life and work that are consuming or blocking your energy and full engagement, with a focus on your role as an executive.

You will develop and implement a step-by-step, personalized strategy of changes to shift the way you live and work on a daily basis. These practical realignments will result in greater energy, focus, productivity, balance, and fulfillment.

The program draws on the sciences of neurobiology and psychology, ancient wisdom teachings and my own experiences as an entrepreneur, biotech executive, public company board director and parent/partner.

When you do the right things to enhance your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, not only do you become more authentic, engaged and productive, but you inspire those under your leadership to do the same.  The company wins, your people win, your family and community win, and you win.

Eight Steps to a More Balanced Life
  • Module 1: Begin with a Sustainability Gap Analysis to identify your most critical areas of sub-optimal functioning and develop your personalized roadmap to reclaiming your mojo.
  • Module 2: Revitalize your physical energy using the principles of energy cycling and sustainability. Create a solid foundation for engaged leadership through cultivating greater awareness.
  • Module 3: Discover how to banish unhelpful habits that sabotage your effectiveness, and break through resistance to change.
  • Module 4: Learn self-management practices to short-circuit emotional triggers that send you into survival mode and prevent effective leadership.
  • Module 5: Harness the incredible power of focus to enhance your productivity and satisfaction.
  • Module 6: Restore meaning to all parts of your work through aligning with your core values and deeper purpose.
  • Module 7: Amplify your success as an artful manager of your own energy by using a values gap analysis to align your actions with your values and what matters most to you.
  • Module 8: Create a long-term vision for yourself and your company, mapping out a course for living as a fully energized and engaged leader.